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This will need some explaining….

The top image, the gif.. I made that a year ago roughly. It’s myself, as I was then, holding my dog’s collar. She passed away New Years day, 2011. You can read all of what happened and about her here, in this post. that I wrote in explanation of that gif.

I wanted to draw another image to compliment sort of show how my life has progressed in a year.

Last year, we didn’t “have” Christmas. We didn’t have a tree, we didn’t really celebrate. Mostly from family issues and finances.. so.. marked absence of the tree..

This year, my hair’s different..we put a tree up..and I have Azazel.

I still miss Mystique every day of my life. And it still hurts as if I just lost her yesterday. But…I don’t feel like my life is so dark and alone anymore. 

Posted: Mon December 17th, 2012 at 4:06pm
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